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Can Rugs be professionally Cleaned?

Almost every home has a rug in their home. There is no doubt how much it can add to the overall aesthetic appeal of a home. Although rugs are placed on the floor, they will experience considerable wear and tear over time. More than that, if you are living with either children or pets or even both, your rug can be quite susceptible to accumulating dirt.

Sure you vacuum your rug every once in a while. However, it will most definitely get dirty over time and might even harbour mold and bacteria that may harm you and your family. A rug can easily accumulate dust and dirt, which can be problematic to you and your children. More than that, there is also a huge possibility that your rugs will have some stains.

Remember, when you have children, you want to teach them how to walk, hold on to things, and maybe even cultivate their skills and talent. However, children and rugs are not exactly best of friends. In no time, you will see your carpet covered with juice stains, paint stains, and chocolate stains, just to name a few.

Although, since rugs are usually made of wool, nylon, or polyester, you can easily clean them. The internet can offer you tons of websites that will provide you with a step-by-step do-it-yourself list or even a video that will help you through the cleaning process. It may take quite some time,, but you can easily remove stains on your rug with some elbow grease. Doing the cleaning yourself can sound cheaper than hiring a professional. Besides, if it is just spot cleaning, how bad can it be, right?

Spot cleaning is well and good. The problem is, what if because you cleaned it well, you see that your carpet is due for some deep cleaning. Another disadvantage of cleaning your carpet is the possibility of actually it costing even more. Since you will be on your own, and most probably you don’t have any experience with cleaning rugs, chances are you might ruin your rug. So instead of just a quick clean, you may have to change your entire carpet.

The good news is, you can hire Rug cleaning services to help you manage your rug. When you live in London, you might want to get Rug Cleaning London. What’s great about professionals is how you basically don’t have anything to do except for booking an appointment with their services.

Rug cleaning services offer an outstanding level of work. In fact, you can even do some other work or even run some errands as they clean your carpet. At first, it may seem costly compared to buying your own

products in a local store. However, think about the endless trial and error you have to do. More than that, you might even need to buy some equipment in case you really want some thorough cleaning.

You might think that buying your own cleaning supplies and equipment is a good investment. However, think about how often you clean your carpets. Most probably, you will do a weekly vacuum or a more thorough clean-up on a monthly basis. It really depends on you. But if you are going to buy some expensive equipment and supply that will just occupy space or even buy cleaning agents that will just expire, why don’t just hire rug cleaning services?

Besides, imagine how often it rains in London and how many times your carpet might get wet. It is not exactly something you want to worry about all the time. When you hire Rug Cleaning London, you can have a rug that’s almost brand new without even breaking a sweat.

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How much does it cost to have your rug cleaned?

The cost of getting a rug cleaning can vary from one person to another. If a person only hopes to spot clean on their own, they can just spend a few pounds. But if they don’t get the right mixture of the cleaning agents, they might want to consider buying a new carpet.

Now, since hiring rug cleaning services sounds more appealing than wasting away an entire day or even a few days personally cleaning your rug, you’re probably wondering how much it costs. The price of having your rug clean may vary from one cleaning service to another. Even the type of dirt, rug, and even the kind of cleaning you want will most likely determine the price you need to pay to have your rug looking good as new.

More than that, rug cleaning services will also determine what kind of cleaning you want to do to your rug. You have the options of steam cleaning, rug shampooing, or rug dry cleaning.

If you have stubborn stains on your synthetic carpet and you’ve already attempted cleaning it with home remedies, steam cleaning is the best option for you. On the other hand, if you want to have your rug fibres thoroughly cleaned and free from any particles, rug shampooing is your best bet. With professional rug cleaning services, they will have access to better and high-quality cleaning products. Usually, these kinds of products are not available in your local store.

Since not all rugs are the same, there is also a dry cleaning option for specialty rugs. Whether it is made of plant or wool fibres, it will most likely need some extra tender love and care. With dry cleaning, you can be assured that your carpet will be in pristine condition. Although, it can be quite expensive as opposed to other kinds of cleaning methods

Another consideration for the cleaners is the square footage of your rug. The prices increase as your rug size increases too. Each room may have its own price, and a quotation will certainly be helpful for you. Aside from the size of your carpet, you also need to take into consideration the number of rooms you want to be cleaned.

Stains also play an integral role in determining the price of having your rug professionally cleaned. For example, food and drink spillage are relatively easier to clean. However, for drinks such as grape juice and red wine, stains can be quite tricky.

Perhaps the most difficult stains to manage are pet accidents, blood, and candle wax. With these kinds of stains, it is critical that you call your local rug cleaning services immediately. The earlier you can call them, the easier it can be to have your carpet cleaned.

There are also instances that your rug may seem clean. It can also collect foul odours. This is especially true for people who smoke indoors. The smell of cigarettes will linger on the carpet. Aside from general cleaning, you might also consider deodorizing your carpet to get the best results.

In London, rug cleaning can be as low as £60. Although, for a more thorough clean-up, it can range anywhere from £85 up to £120. Eventually, a rug will have its natural wear and tear. After a few years, you can expect that your rug may need some repairs. A repair can be relatively cheap, at £25. While for a rug replacement and installation, the price will start at £17.

All these expenses can also be easily managed. Expert rug cleaning services suggest a maintenance clean-up of your rug every once in a while. This is why it is best to always have the contact details of Rug Cleaners near me at all times. You’ll never know when an accident can happen in your home. A day of baking with your children can be messy. Even if you are in your bachelor pad, wine can easily get spilled. To maintain a pristine home, contact your local rug cleaning services.

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  • Ray was so wonderful and dilligent! He did a very good job! Highly recommend!!!

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    Well done guys and a big thank you to Reza

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    April 28, 2022
  • Very good service , friendly and on time. Definitely recommended!

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  • Ray did a great job at cleaning my living room carpet which was in need of attention! Ray was very professional, friendly, punctual. I would definitely recommend Ray for any carpet cleaning job you need in your home

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    February 5, 2022
  • I have been using Ray to clean the carpets in my flat for the past five years. He is professional, courteous and does an excellent job. I wouldn’t use anyone else!

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    March 5, 2022
  • Ray come to do my living room, stairs, landing and two bedrooms today. The carpets weren’t in great condition due to having a toddler and a new puppy! But they look brand new! Ray was so kind and helpful and went above and beyond I honestly couldn’t fault him or the service. The carpets not only look great but they smell amazing too. Ray spent some some with me talking me through how often I should have them done and the best products to use in-between cleaning. I couldn’t recommend them enough and will be back to have it all re done again in the future.

    Lauren Virgo Avatar Lauren Virgo
    March 5, 2022
  • Ray is excellent - very reliable, professional, the dream carpet cleaner ? Thank you so much for all your hard work!

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    March 5, 2022
  • Excellent service and very efficient

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    April 21, 2022
  • Ryan and his son were extremely kind and professional. I will call them back for sure when I need to clean my carpet! Very recommended!

    April 14, 2022

How long will your rug take to dry?

After getting your rug cleaned, you might want to wait a few hours before stepping on it. Typically, a rug can be quite damp after some thorough cleaning. Whether you choose steam cleaning, rug shampooing, and even dry cleaning, your rug may still be damp. 

For best results, wait at least six hours or even up to ten hours before you enjoy your new and fresh rug.

Although, if you choose to have your carpet cleaned during the winter, you may have to wait a little longer. Some carpets may have to wait 24 hours before if it is completely dried off. But you can have the option of helping your rug dry faster by turning your heat up. You can set your heat at 70 degrees Fahrenheit or around 20 degrees Celsius.

If you have dehumidifiers or fans, you may want to use them too. Turn on all your ceiling and floor fans to speed things up. In fact, you can even use the fans in your bathroom, or the vent found above your stove to optimize air circulation. 

On the other hand, for warmer seasons like summer, turning your air conditioning works too.

Air conditioning works better as opposed to heat because it helps remove moisture in the air. Even as simple as opening your window can help in the drying process. Though since most rug cleaning services know this predicament comes with having carpets cleaned, they have their own fans to help with the process.

Now, if it is unavoidable to walk on your damp rugs, you can either walk on it bare feet or with socks. Using the shoes, you wear for walking on the street is not advisable. You will most likely just putting new dirt onto your carpet. Plus, you need to be extra careful on walking on your wet rug. It can be hazardous, especially for children if walking onto a slippery surface such as tiles or a wooden floor.

Conclusion – Rugs can be wet cleaned if the operator has the knowledge to do so.  Drying times can be anything from zero upwards of 8 hours and the cost will vary due to their size, condition, and fibre content.

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