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My name is Ray and together with my Son Alex we are the owners of this business We Clean Your Carpets.

This small family businessis is based in North West of London and we both have many years of experience dealing with residential and commercial customers and cleaning various types of carpets, rugs, upholstery and stains. 

We have both attended and passed the necessary courses including ‘advanced spot and stain’ course which means that when we complete any job it is always to the very highest standards.

You can be rest assured that we work very tirelessly to ensure that the service we provide cannot be found anywhere else, thats our Guarantee. 

Many Thanks”

Ray & Alex 


We Clean Your Carpets

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carpet cleaning london | carpet cleaning Kensington W8

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Frequently Asked Questions for Carpet Cleaning

How often should you clean your carpets?

Getting your carpets professionally cleaned and asking yourself how often depends on your living space. If the traffic on your carpet is significant, you should be cleaning your carpet more, unlike a home with only a few people living there. The carpet in your home is one of the main components of your house, and it should be maintained by ensuring that it is free from dust and the carpet does not have bad smells. A carpet is an investment that should serve you and your family for the longest time. 

To keep your carpet clean, it is important you at least clean your carpet after every 12-18 months. However, it is only a guideline of how often you should clean your carpet, depending on specific circumstances. Some household carpets will need professional cleaning after a shorter time. Your lifestyle affects how often you clean your carpet. Here are the factors that determine how often to clean the carpet.

  • How often do you vacuum clean? 

Regularly vacuum cleaning your carpet at least once every week makes your carpet last longer. Vacuum cleaning helps remove loose particles on the carpet surface before they settle and abrade the carpet fibres. If you regularly vacuum clean your carpet, it takes you way longer to require professional carpet cleaning. However, no matter how often you vacuum clean your carpet, it will still need to be cleaned professionally. If you do not vacuum clean your carpet, you will be required to professionally clean your carpet to keep it clean and serve you longer.

  • Is there anyone in your household that has allergies 

With time carpets eventually collect dust and allergens in the air since the carpet fibres act like filters. As time goes by, these allergens and dust collect up in the fibres of the carpet. If the particles build up, they become airborne whenever people walk on the carpet. With the help of professional cleaning, the allergens are cleaned away since the cleaning is thorough, restoring and improving your home’s healthy living. Therefore, if you have allergies, regular cleaning of your carpet is vital to living a healthy life.

  • The colour of your carpet 

Despite bright-coloured carpets brightening your room and house in general, they reveal dirt and stains, unlike dark-coloured carpets. To maintain the bright colours of your carpet, you have to clean your carpet professionally regularly. Light colours help you realize the dirt off your carpet; therefore, you can identify when your carpet requires to be cleaned by carpet cleaning London professionals. 

  • The warranty of your carpet 

To maintain the full effect of your carpet warranty, some carpet manufacturers require you to clean your carpet professionally with a certain schedule usually with 12.18 months. If you follow the manufactures advice make sure to save the receipts just in case an issue arises. 

It will show that you have followed the manufacturer’s instructions for correct maintenance and cleaning of your carpet.

  • Availability of your children 

Young children will spill and smear things on your carpet, making it difficult to keep your carpet clean and looking new. Young children often spend a lot of time on the carpet. Therefore, you will need professional carpet cleaning services to keep your carpet looking fresh as well as clean. Googling Carpet cleaning near me and finding the correct company will help keep your children and babies safe from irritants. 

  • Whether you allow shoes indoors

Shoes track dirt and also bring small particles on your carpet. Wearing shoes indoors wears off the carpet fibres. The more the people in your house, the more dirt your carpet will have to ensure. Therefore, if your carpet is not regularly professionally cleaned, it will have shoe wear patterns. If you allow shoes indoors, you will be required to clean your carpet professionally regularly.

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  • Ryan and his son were extremely kind and professional. I will call them back for sure when I need to clean my carpet! Very recommended!

    April 14, 2022
  • Very good service , friendly and on time. Definitely recommended!

    mariyam said Avatar mariyam said
    February 5, 2022
  • Ray was so wonderful and dilligent! He did a very good job! Highly recommend!!!

    Howie Shawki Avatar Howie Shawki
    March 5, 2022
  • Excellent service and very efficient

    Nic Hughes Avatar Nic Hughes
    April 21, 2022
  • Ray did a great job at cleaning my living room carpet which was in need of attention! Ray was very professional, friendly, punctual. I would definitely recommend Ray for any carpet cleaning job you need in your home

    Patricia Brisard Avatar Patricia Brisard
    February 5, 2022
  • Very professional and friendly and reliable service we recommend them highly as not only do a good job they offer value for money and friendly staff.

    Well done guys and a big thank you to Reza

    farouk oomerjee Avatar farouk oomerjee
    April 28, 2022
  • Ray is excellent - very reliable, professional, the dream carpet cleaner ? Thank you so much for all your hard work!

    andrea hauer Avatar andrea hauer
    March 5, 2022
  • I have been using Ray to clean the carpets in my flat for the past five years. He is professional, courteous and does an excellent job. I wouldn’t use anyone else!

    Julia Bromage Avatar Julia Bromage
    March 5, 2022
  • Ray come to do my living room, stairs, landing and two bedrooms today. The carpets weren’t in great condition due to having a toddler and a new puppy! But they look brand new! Ray was so kind and helpful and went above and beyond I honestly couldn’t fault him or the service. The carpets not only look great but they smell amazing too. Ray spent some some with me talking me through how often I should have them done and the best products to use in-between cleaning. I couldn’t recommend them enough and will be back to have it all re done again in the future.

    Lauren Virgo Avatar Lauren Virgo
    March 5, 2022

Reviews For Carpet Cleaning London

Brilliant service. On time very pleasant and polite guys. My carpet was destroyed due to a new puppy, after the service it looked brand new. My friend visited and was so impressed she booked Ray in for her carpets. Highly recommend.
Mandy Rimmer
An excellent choice for us. Ray was delightful and a lovely presence to have here in our flat. He did a wonderful job in cleaning our sofas after our ceiling fell in. And the carpets are all zinging with colours after their steam! We’re very happy to have found him and will certainly use him again.
Joanna Lapage-Browne
Ray was excellent! Wish I had found him before. Carpets look and smell extremely clean and fresh. Ray is super efficient and takes all the hassle out of the process. Also very communicative. Prices are very reasonable too and there were no hidden charges. Give him a go you wont regret it.
Harpreet Rai
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How much does it cost to get your carpet cleaned?

While considering to contract carpet cleaners near me, I tend to think about how much they charge and the cleaning price of other cleaners. At We Clean your Carpet, they give professional cleaning services in London at the most affordable price. However, various factors affect the cost. It is different for every client based on the following factors: 

  • Size of the carpet. 

The bigger the size of the carpet, the higher the cost of cleaning it, and the cost of cleaning a smaller carpet is smaller. It is all about logic; it takes more time, energy, and cleaning materials for a big carpet to get clean, which is why the price is higher than those of small carpets. If you are looking for a good price range and still get a clean and good smelling carpet, contact We Clean your Carpet and let us clean your carpet. It is also true to say a bigger carpet will have more dirt than a smaller carpet because the surface area is bigger.

  • Depending on if the carpet is stained 

We Clean your Carpet is a team of professionals who have been on the job for years now. The team has heavily invested in machines and bleaches that are tough on stains. Their main aim is to ensure that once you trust them with cleaning your carpet, they return it to you with no stains; they are well equipped to remove stains. Stains are different and caused by other things; for carpets with tough stains, the prize required would be higher compared to carpets with mild stains. 

For example, animal waste, coffee, blood, and food stains are among the stains that are hard to get rid of, thus leading to additional costs for you. The results of this carpet cleaning company are amazing; you get back a stain-free carpet that looks new, making a good impression of your home. 

  • Area of the carpet that requires cleaning 

If the area that needs cleaning is big, then cleaning it will also be high. With We Clean your Carpet, a cleaning carpet company charges a higher price for commercial carpets than residential carpets because commercial carpets are likely to be more significant. 

  • Furniture to be moved 

As part of the job, if you choose We Clean your Carpet to clean your carpet, the professional cleaners you hire will move small items of your furniture only.  Larger furniture is not removed; unless the clients want them removed they would have to do this prior to our arrival. 

  • The type of carpet 

Carpets are made from different materials, and therefore some are harder to clean than others and use different cleaning solutions to achieve satisfactory results. An example of carpet types that are difficult to clean is wool and synthetic carpets. The type of carpet you need to be cleaned and the recommended cleaning methods are dependent on the type of material.

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How quickly will my carpet dry?

Carpets are nice and warm and make a home look beautiful and cozy. You do not know that carpets are breeding sites for dust termites and other allergens that might cause you and your family to get ill. Instead of having to experience this, it is essential to have often your carpet cleaned by professionals. 

Unlike when you clean the carpet at home yourself, ‘We Clean your Carpet’ has the latest cleaning and drying equipment. They are keen on using the appropriate cleaning process to make sure your carpet gets thoroughly cleaned. Again, they ensure your carpet dries within the shortest amount of time. 

The method used to clean a carpet has a significant effect on how well the carpet will dry. At We Clean your Carpet, they avoid over-wetting carpets because they are aware of the consequences and have invested in the correct equipment. These consequences include the growth of molds and bad odour on carpets. 

The smell of a half-dry carpet can be unpleasant and also has other consequences such as shrinking and ‘wick back’ of dirt.  We Clean your Carpets have the expertise to clean carpets, using the correct process from start to finish which includes speed drying your carpets. 

Due to our training, knowledge, and expertise, we will guarantee your carpets will dry faster and we will not ‘over-wet them. You will get a clean, good-smelling carpet in less than two hours on average. 

Dry carpets give the best feeling and are the best to use, they are extra comfortable to walk on and are friendly for children and your pets if you have any. 

We Clean your Carpet is the number one carpet cleaning company in London. They offer many cleaning services so be sure to read our other pages.


It is difficult to give an accurate time frame as each carpet and its environment is different to the next. However, typically from our experience carpets can be dry from anything between 2 – 8 hours maximum.  

If you have any queries or would like to discuss any other questions please contact us.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Are you a tenant looking to save your bond? Or, are you the property owner looking to bring some life back into your investment and save you money by not replacing items?

Regardless of your position, we can definitely help you.

If a building you own sits uninhabited, your furnishings such as your carpets, walls, and bathroom can become unpleasant with mold and mildew and often an unpleasant odour.

This is where the end-of-tenancy cleaning service we offer comes in handy.

At We Clean Your Carpet, we offer end-of-tenancy cleaning that’s targeted at residential or commercial properties and estate agents also. Making the very best first impression is vital, and by having your property skillfully cleaned in between tenancies, you can accomplish merely that. 

There is nothing worse than losing your bond as a tenant and likewise nothing worse than a dirty property if you are the property owner.  

You can be rest assured that although we cannot guarantee 100% removal of stains on your carpets, we can absolutely guarantee that you will be completely happy with our level of service and expertise. 

Regardless of your circumstances, we can offer a bespoke service you will not find elsewhere. From a 1-bed flat to a 5-bed home, our team can tackle properties of any kind and any size and you’ll continuously discover our rates to be most affordable and competitive.

Why Choose us?

You will not uncover a far better option than We Clean Your Carpet when it involves our uncompromising approach to professionalism and reliability and also trust and expertise. 

Actually, we’re thoroughly taken into consideration to be among the best cleaning companies in London and have an excellent reputation with our 5-star reviews across our social platforms. 

Our team of friendly cleaners are fully insured and trained to cover all aspects of end-of-tenancy cleaning.  From a one-off clean, monthly clean, Oven Cleaning, or a deep clean, we can offer a unique cleaning package tailored for your needs.

So if you’re living in the London area and seeking the most reliable, competitively End of Tenancy Cleaning look no further than the ‘We Clean Your Carpet’.

Call us today or complete our contact form and we will contact you back within 24 hours guaranteed.